Credit Manager Rent Reporter, Rental 1 Software

Lease Credit Manager Rent Reporter
Rental 1® Format Software

Accurately reports tenant trade lines.

Business Customers
$1,999 Elite
Optimized for high volume reporting, supports millions of accounts (trade lines). Full feature set for direct (in-house) reporting.
$799 Pro
$599 Discount
Standard feature set for direct (in-house) reporting up to 50,000 accounts.
All prices are US Dollars
Lease includes one user license to be installed on one workstation.
Additional user License(s)
Add Credit Manager Rent Reporter to multiple computers.
Additional Pro licenses.
$399 /per computer at the same location and network.
Yearly Lease Renewal Per License:

Pro license renewal at $299 each.

Lease includes software support and free minor software update. Please review the software's End User License Agreement for details.
TSB Vendor Code optional