Credit Manager - System Requirements

Compatible With:

Credit Manager is intended to be installed on your local computer. Network functionality can be achieved through database management over a network using standard file sharing or by connecting to a database server.

For multi-user functionality, Additional Site Licenses are available for customers using the software on more than one computer in the same office.

System Requirements for Credit Manager if reporting more than 100,000 accounts

Operating Systems (non-Microsoft Windows)

We do not currently support or recommend any non-Microsoft Operating Systems however the following information may help you if you are running a non-Microsoft operating system.

Mac OS X and Other UNIX like Operating Systems

Users of Mac OS X and other UNIX like operating systems can obtain virtual emulators allowing you to run Windows or Windows programs inside your operating system.

NOTE: A valid copy of Microsoft Windows may be required in some environments. Use the Windows System Requirements to determine the version of Windows to use.