The following is a list of testimonials and comments from a few of our credit reporting customers. For contact information, please feel free to call us: 801-334-0051

Brazos Valley Council of Governments
I wanted to take a moment to let you know what a pleasure it has been working with the Credit Manager 4 software for the last 4 years.
I have found the software to be extremely user friendly, incredibly accurate in identifying errors, as well providing clear paths for the necessary corrections. Given my level of satisfaction, you may not be surprised that I chose to upgrade to Credit Manage 5 last month..
Your support staff has always been professional, courteous, and highly knowledgeable and also possesses the ability to take what are sometimes very complicated issues, and addresses them in terms that are very understandable before moving forward.
I have found that literally everyone I have worked with at The Service Bureau to share these qualities. In the end, as happy as I have been with your software, it is your people who made me a client instead of a customer.
I hope you let your staff know, that in the end, no matter how wonderful a product is, ?people do business with people?, and they have cemented my relationship with The Service Bureau.

Bill Kickham
First Hudson Leasing
I am happy to say that I have changed Data Furnisher companies to The Service Bureau. Every phase of this conversion has been smooth and easy!
Your support staff has been more than helpful in walking us through the process and has spent an incredible amount of time with us, patiently guiding us through all phases of the change. Equally important to us is the easy to use and accurate software. The fact that it corrects any errors on the spot is a real time-saver! There is even a link to the Postal Service which gives us a quick fix as to what the Metro 2® format needs.
Between the service and the fantastic software, we are all very excited to have chosen The Service Bureau as our new provider. I only wish I had done it sooner.

Bobby Weiner
Accounts Manager
First Hudson Leasing
Pathfinder Credit Services
In today's environment it is important to report your information accurately. Your system makes this process easy. From simple to use uploading functions to even easier to use reporting connections to all the major credit bureaus. Top notch support staff help make any problems disappear. We have used your system for almost 2 years and have never had a problem. I would be happy to recommend your product to anyone who has to report data to the bureaus.

Quinn Simpson
Credit Manager
Pathfinder Credit Services
Access Credit Management, Inc.
Just a quick note to let you know how much we appreciate your Credit Manager software and the support provided by The Service Bureau.
As you know, Access Credit Management is a national collection agency and debt buyer. We report to the bureaus on a weekly basis.
The Credit Manager was easily integrated with our existing platform, and is a breeze to use -- even for a CEO!
Thanks for all of your hard work. We're looking forward to a long partnership with The Service Bureau.

Edward J. Vance, President and CEO
Access Credit Management, Inc.
Tele: 501-664-8014
Wayne Reaves Computer Systems, Inc.
Since 1997 Wayne Reaves Software has teamed up with the Service Bureau to provide consumer credit reporting services for our mutual customers. Rather than develop and maintain our own credit reporting functionality within our System, we elected to utilize the Credit Manager. This choice has allowed us to focus on what we do best and still offer state of the art credit reporting capability to our customers.
In short, when a Wayne Reaves customer needs credit reporting capability we, without hesitation, refer them to The Service Bureau.

Jason Reaves
Wayne Reaves Computer Systems, Inc.
7185 Lower Thomaston Rd
Macon, GA 31220
J.B. Dollar Stretcher Magazine
We are a fairly new client of The Service Bureau and have been using Credit Manager Software for approximately two years now.
Our company has used various other Metro 2® Credit Reporting Software systems in the past. I have to say, "I'm glad we switched to Credit Manager"! The switch from our old Metro 2® software over to Credit Manager was done quickly and we were back reporting in no time at all.
Thanks for all the support and our continuing relationship with The Service Bureau.

Stephen P. McNulty
Legal Support Administrator
J.B. Dollar Stretcher Magazine
Investigation & Recovery Assoc. LLC
I am the owner of a collection agency and use customized collection software. When I learned I had to start submitting my accounts to the credit bureaus electronically I panicked because computer literate I am not!
I found The Credit Manager and quickly discovered even I can use the software. They are wonderful to work with and walked me through everything. Even if they had to go over something more than once they were very understanding and easy to work with.
They took my custom collection software and integrated The Credit Manager and had us reporting in very a short time. I would HIGHLY recommend their program and the staff is the best I have ever worked with.
The phrase "patience is a virtue" completely fits this company.

Louise Zastrow
Investigation & Recovery Assoc. LLC
Cavalier Property Services, Inc.
Plain and simple, Credit Manager works. By the time we started looking for software, we had already been through the hassles of dealing with the credit bureaus approval process. Credit Manager made the important steps easy. The whole process just flowed from setup to importing to reporting and maintaining. The hassles are gone thanks to Credit Manager.

David Brawner
Cavalier Property Services, Inc.
Timeway Credit Company
We have been using the Credit Manager since 1993. Over the years the Credit Manager has proven to be easy to use, convenient and has made our reporting tasks as simple as they can get.
When dealing with consumer credit reporting information, accuracy is paramount. The robust feature set the Credit Manager possesses has made producing accurate Metro 2® files month after month virtually effortless.

Lyndon A. Johnson
President, Timeway Credit Company